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Certificate of Higher Education in Engineering

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BA (Hon’s) in International Hotel management

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BSc in Cloud Computing

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Certificate of Higher Education in Law

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BA Hons Business Management

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Certificate of Higher Education in Digital Skills (CertHE)

Certificate of Higher Education in Digital Skills (CertHE)

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UNICOL GEC LTD is one of the most trusted organisations, offering a helping hand to students who wish to pursue higher education. 

Our close relationship with various universities allows us to provide a variety of courses that allows the student to find their perfect fit, while being extremely flexible, allowing freedom throughout the course duration.

Company founder Director Md. Jahangir Kabir carries a long history as an educational provider, community developer, and recruiting partner with UK Universities and worldwide.

We transform more than two thousand Home/EU and international students’ applications for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students every year in UK Universities.

“Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into a failure”

                                                                                                        – UNICOL Director

We abide by those words and we believe that our role is to provide opportunities for students who desire to pursue further education by outlining each student’s strengths and redirecting them to their best fitting course.

We offer 1 to 1 academic and career planning advice while also helping to make the applications to the higher education institutes and managing offers.


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